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Winter Count Historical Photos
by Spirit Creek Productions on 

True Life Historical Photographs of the WINTER COUNT Characters

Great grandparents and extended Wounded Knee mixed-blood family of main character, Abbie Kramer.

Anglo great-grandfather of Abbie

Great grandmother, Margaret, of Abbie.

Grandparents, Miranda and John Swift Bear, of Abbie

Mother, Catherine, of Abbie

True life cousin, Rupert (2nd from left), and his extended family, of Abbie

Uncles of Abbie

Lakota ceremony leader, a relative of Abbie

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Winter Count subject matter
by Spirit Creek Productions on 

You might be interested in the following video where: 


Arlette Loud Hawk speaks of the cottonwood trees as they symbolize the way in which the Lakota spiritual life has survived and thrived.


Arlette tells about the trauma that her family and community experienced during the aftermath of Wounded Knee II, which continues to affect the Lakota tribe today.

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WINTER COUNT Locations: Los Angeles, California Theatre and Alberta, Canada
by Spirit Creek Productions on 

The theatre where Abbie performs at the height of her dance career

Wounded Knee Locations

Wheat field

Wounded Knee family ranch of main character, Abbie Kramer

Pleiades Constellation where Winter Count family locates their sacred Lakota spirit

Badlands where Wounded Knee family witnesses Ghost Dance

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